HPF Factory Warranty Guarantee

By having your vehicle maintain by HPF Auto Service Centre you are receiving a high quality proffessional service equal to the best in the business. We are so sure of this we offer a Factory Warranty Guarantee on all services offered by HPF which protects your new car statutory warranty.

What is the Warranty?

Should you manufacturer new car statutory warranty be voided as a result of any work performed by HPF, we will cover the repair / replacement of relevant OEM parts negatively impacted by the work performed, under the same terms as the manufacturer new car warranty.

What is not covered?

The warranty does not cover abuse or use outside the design of the parts supplied or as noted in the factory service schedule. Abuse can include damage to driveline or other components as a result of excessive use of vehicle.

Non standard parts except those supplied by HPF are not covered nor are wear and tear items including (but not limited to) brakes, filters, cat converters etc.

Also not covered by the warranty are any expenses occurred including (but not limited to) transport, accommodation, rental vehicles, towing or similar costs.

Who is covered?

The HPF Factory Warranty Guarantee remains valid whilst the documented owner of the vehicle is the same as that when the original work was performed by HPF.

When does it begin?

The HPF Factory Warranty Guarantee begins on delivery of the vehicle upon completion of work and payment in full.

Service and Maintenance

In order to maintain the HPF Factory Warranty Guarantee, the person or entity covered by this warranty must maintain the vehicle to its full manufacturer servicing schedule including observing all distance travelled and time related interval instructions. In the instance of a warranty claim being made records may be required.

This maintenance should be performed by a qualified party with parts and materials which meet the minimum requirements as specified by the manufacturer.

The vehicle should also be subjected to any repairs and maintenance as deemed necessary and relevant upon inspection, regardless of servicing schedules.

When Warranty does not apply

Your coverage by the Factory Warranty Guarantee will cease if:

  • You are a different or subsequent owner of the vehicle from that when the work were performed by HPF.
  • The manufacturerís new car warranty period expires whether this is time based or distance based.
  • You have not adhered to the manufacturer service schedule.
  • You have used the vehicle in any type of motorsport or timed racing event.
  • You have modified the vehicle beyond HPF recommendations.
  • The claim is a result of a failure of a consumable component such as (but not limited to) oil seals, brakes, clutches, tyres etc.

Other provisions

Whilst under a manufacturer new car warranty period you must first present the vehicle to the manufacturer for inspection and claim for repairs.

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